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Welcome to the Dolmodding Wiki!

The Official Wiki for mods for "Degrees of Lewdity."

If you are looking for the Degrees of Lewdity Wiki, it can be found here: Degrees of Lewdity Wiki

"This work of fiction contains content of a sexual nature and is inappropriate for minors. All characters depicted are at least 18 years of age. Everything is consensual role play, and any animals are actually people in costumes."

- The game's disclaimer

This Wiki is a WIP and contains links for some of the Degrees of Lewdity Mods.

Links for the Mod Wiki Sites:

DoL Plus
Fire Mod
Watersports mod

Others will be added as those Wikis are created.

Additional Information

Please feel free to comment on the wiki pages with suggestions or questions or come visit us at the Degrees of Lewdity Modding Discord server. You can download the mods from the pins in each mod channel there.

You can also play the mods or the base game at which is a browser hosted version of the game.

This wiki is created and maintained by Discord users C.loudy, VikingPil0t, Justadumbass and Frostberg.